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Waddy Wachtel Compositions

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Although Waddy Wachtel is best known for his guitar work on numerous albums and live performances with other artists, he has been composing songs since he was a teenager.

Listed below are some of the songs Waddy has composed himself and/or co-composed with others that have been recorded by himself and other artists. His writing talents have been recognized not only by many of the people he has played with, but by movie producers who have enlisted him to compose the original music scores for their films, and those are listed below as well.

Enjoy listening to some of the songs by clicking on the links in the "Listen" column.

Waddy Wachtel Compositions Recorded by Waddy Wachtel:

YearAlbumSong TitleListen
1973Single released as a 45"You're The One"Audio/Lyrics
1973Single released as a 45"Love You Should Save"Audio/Lyrics
1980Ronin”Love's Coming into My Life Again”Audio/Lyrics
”Home at Last”Audio
”It Touches Everyone”Audio/Lyrics
”Here Come the Runner”Audio
”America the Beautiful”Audio
”Hey Nadine”Audio
”Feels Right”Audio
2000WW1 - Unfinished Business (mp3)Unreleased
2019Unfinished Business CDDemos. Private Recordings And RaritiesAudio/Lyrics

Waddy Wachtel Compositions recorded on other artist's albums (as composer or co-composer):

YearPerformerAlbumSong TitleListen
1971The CowsillsOn My Side"On My Side"Audio/Lyrics
"Heather Says"Audio/Lyrics
1973Curt BoetcherThere’s an Innocent Face"Malachi Star"Audio
1973Judi PulverPulver Rising"Be Long (She Don't Know)"Audio
"Lemme See"Audio
1974Bridey MurphySingle released as a 45"The Time Has Come"Audio/Lyrics
1974Kathryn & Duffy & the Enemies ListSingle released as a 45"Pre-Impeachment Blues"Audio
1977Linda RonstadtSimple Dreams"Maybe I'm Right"Audio/Lyrics
1978Warren ZevonExcitable Boy"Werewolves of London"Audio/Lyrics
”Night Time in the Switching Yard”Audio
1978Cheech And Chong”Up In Smoke” Movie Soundtrack”Strawberrry’s”Audio
”Here Come the Mounties to the Rescue”Audio
”Rock Fight”Audio
1978The Tarney Spencer BandThree's A Crowd"Maybe I'm Right"Audio
1978Grant GreenEasy"Night Time in the Switching Yard""
1979J. D. SoutherYou’re Only Lonely”Fifteen Bucks”Audio
1979Katsutoshi MorizonoCool Alley"Night Time in the Switching Yard""
1980Danny KortchmarInnuendo”Hair Of The Dog”Audio/Lyrics
1981James TaylorDad Loves His Work”Her Town Too”Audio and Video/Lyrics
1981Warren ZevonStand In The Fire"Werewolves Of London"
1984J. D. SoutherHome By Dawn"Night"Audio
1985Joe WalshThe Confessor"Good Man Down"Audio/Lyrics
1986Warren Zevon"The Color Of Money" Movie Soundtrack"Werewolves Of London"
1988Feargal SharkeyWish”Blue Days”Lyrics
1988David LindleyVery Greasy"Werewolves Of London"
1991Warren ZevonMr. Bad Example”Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead”Audio/Lyrics
"Model Citizen"Audio/Lyrics
”Angel Dressed in Black”Audio/Lyrics
1992Keith RichardsMain Offender"999"Audio/Lyrics
"Words Of Wonder"Audio/Lyrics
"Yap Yap"Audio/Lyrics
"Hate It When You Leave"Audio/Lyrics
1992Warren ZevonRock of the 70's Vol.2"Werewolves of London"
1995Troy NewmanIt's Like This"I Go To Pieces"Audio/Lyrics
1996Warren ZevonHalloween Party Music, Vol. 2"Werewolves Of London"
1997Adam SandlerWhat's Your Name"Listenin' To The Radio"Audio/Lyrics
1997Tito and TarantulaTarantism"Slippin' And Slidin'"Audio/Lyrics
1997Warren ZevonThis Is... Son Of Cult Fiction"Werewolves Of London"
1997The Werewolves Of LondonWerewolves Of London"Werewolves Of London"
1998Linda RonstadtWe Ran"Damage"Audio/Lyrics
"I Go To Pieces"Audio/Lyrics
1998Warren ZevonHave A Nice Decade: The 70s Pop Culture Box"Werewolves Of London"
2002Grateful DeadDick's Picks Volume 25"Werewolves Of London"
2003The String QuartetString Quartet Tribute to Warren Zevon: Dad Get Me Out Of This"Werewolves Of London"
2004Adam SandlerEnjoy Every Sandwich: The Songs of Warren Zevon"Werewolves Of London"Audio
2004Jerry Garcia BandPure Jerry: Lunt-Fontanne, New York City - October 31, 1987” (4 CD Set) [Live]"Werewolves of London"
2004Ronnie Rae RiversBridging the Gap"Maybe I'm Right"
2005Warren Zevon"North Country" Movie Soundtrack"Werewolves Of London"
2005Magnolia Electric Co.Hard To Love A Man"Werewolves Of London"
2005Warren ZevonUltimate 16: Retro 70s"Werewolves of London"
2006Bernard FowlerFriends With Privileges"Never Met A Girl"Audio/Lyrics
”I Go To Pieces”Audio
2006Jimmy Buffett"Hoot" Movie Soundtrack"Werewolves Of London"
2007LeRoy P. MarinellLove In The Ruins"Werewolves Of London"
2007The Lucky CupidsRockabilly Fever"Doin' Time for Bein' Young"
2008The Prison Band... And The Law Won"Doin' Time for Bein' Young"
2010Professor Louie and the CrowmatixWhispering Pines"Night Time in the Switching Yard"
2011Stevie NicksIn Your Dreams"Annabel Lee"Audio
2014Stevie Nicks24 Karat Gold"I Don't Care" Audio
2014Keith RichardsPlaying For Change 3: Songs Around The World"Words Of Wonder" Video
2014Psycho SistersUp On The Chair, Beatrice"Heather Says"
2015Lisa BassengeCanyon Songs"Her Town Too"

Waddy Wachtel Compositions in Films:

1978”Up In Smoke””Strawberrry’s”Audio
”Here Come the Mounties to the Rescue”Audio
”Rock Fight”Audio
1986"The Color Of Money""Werewolves Of London"
1990"Cry Baby"”Doin' Time For Bein' Young”Video/Lyrics
1998"The Waterboy""New Year's Eve"Audio/Lyrics
1999"Nice Guys Sleep Alone"Additional Original Music
1999"HurlyBurly"Additional Original MusicAudio
2001”Joe Dirt”Original Music
2003"Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star"Original Music
2004”Alabama Love Story”Original Music
2005”The Longest Yard”Additional Original Music
2005"North Country""Werewolves Of London"
2006”The Benchwarmers”Original Music
2006"Hoot""Werewolves Of London"
2006"The Last Request"Original MusicAudio
2006"Grandma's Boy"Original Music
2008"Strange Wilderness"Original MusicAudio
2008”The House Bunny”Original Music
2009"Paul Blart: Mall Cop"Original Music
2009"Dusty Peacock" (Webisodes)Theme MusicAudio
2011"Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star"Original Music
2011"Jack and Jill"Original Music
2014"Jimi: All Is By My Side"Original MusicAudio
2015"Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser"Original Music

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