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Wachtel Band

Waddy Wachtel

  J. D. Souther

You’re Only Lonely 1979
Label: Columbia

1. You're Only Lonely (J. D. Souther)
2. If You Don't Want My Love (J. D. Souther)
3. The Last in Love (G. Frey, J. D. Souther)
4. White Rhythm and Blues (J. D. Souther)
5. 'Til the Bars Burn Down (G. Frey, J. D. Souther)
6. The Moon Just Turned Blue (J. D. Souther)
7. Songs of Love (J. D. Souther)
8. Fifteen Bucks (K. Edwards, D. Grolnick, D. Kortchmar, R. Marotta, J. D. Souther, W. Wachtel)
9. Trouble in Paradise (J. D. Souther)

Credits as they appear on the album:

The Band
Waddy Wachtel - Guitar
J.D. Souther - Guitar
Don Grolnick - Piano
Kenny Edwards - Bass
Rick Marotta - Drums
Danny Kortchmar - Guitar
David Sanborn - Alto Sax
Dan Dugmore - Guitar, Steel Guitar

Harmony Singers
J.D., Waddy, Jorge Calderon and Phil Everly on
“White Rhythm and Blues”
Kenny, Peter, Hayden, Glenn, Don and Jackson

Jai Winding - Organ on “If You Don’t Want My Love”
Mike Botts - Drums on “If You Don’t Want My Love”
Don Felder - Rhythm Guitar on “If You Don’t Want My Love”
Fred Tackett - Acoustic Guitar on “Songs of Love”
John Sebastian - Harp on “White Rhythm and Blues”
Tom Scott - Tenor Sax on “Trouble in Paradise”

G.P.S.: Waddy, Don, Glenn and Jackson
(Note: According to J.D. - G.P.S. stood for "guest producers" as a special thank you to Waddy, Don, Glenn and Jackson for all the vocal comping, etc. they did for him.)

Additional Engineering: Loyd Clift
Studio Assistance: Andrea Farber & Jon Chesler
Art Direction: Jimmy Wachtel
Cover Photography: Jim Shea
Direction: Irving Azoff/Front Line Management

Additional notes from Nina:
J.D. Souther - Lead Vocals, Producer, Arranger
Waddy Wachtel - Arranger
Peter = Peter Asher
Hayden = Hayden Gregg
Glenn = Glenn Frey
Don = Don Henley
Jackson = Jackson Browne

J. D. : “I actually didn't write "You're Only Lonely" with Roy [Orbison] in mind, but for a very beautiful singer and songwriter who, it seemed to me, worried herself into knots with language inappropriate to her real issue. She was, like many artists, simply insecure about being alone. The song was written to reassure this wonderful woman that she was not, probably had never been, and would not likely be alone unless she wanted it. ... when Waddy Wachtel and I were arranging songs for the 1979 album ... and he was trying to find a song of mine faster than a dirge and asked, as only he can something like: "What the hell, Jake, don't you have anything like, you know, a single?" I said, "Well, there's this little rockabilly thing but it has no bridge and no third verse. I played it for him. He looked at me like I was mental and I said, "But there's no third verse!" He said, "So sing the first verse again!" So I did.”

The song "You're Only Lonely" also appears on:
“Coast to Coast” (Movie Soundtrack) 1980

"Fifteen Bucks"

"You're Only Lonely"

"If You Don't Want My Love"

"The Last In Love"

"Til The Bars Burn Down"

"The Moon Just Turned Blue"

"Songs Of Love"

"White Rhythm and Blues"

"Trouble in Paradise"

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