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Wachtel Band

Waddy Wachtel

  Waddy Wachtel

Label: Anthem 1973

A Side: "You’re the One" (R. Wachtel)
Listen and Lyrics

B Side: "Love You Should Save" (R. Wachtel)

Waddy Wachtel - Composer, Vocals, All Instruments

Keith Olsen - Producer, Engineer

In 1973 Keith Olsen was honing his skills as a producer/engineer and started a production company called Pogologo Productions. The first artists he signed were Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, Waddy Wachtel and Jorge Calderon. Buckingham and Nicks were signed to Polydor Records and released the album “Buckingham Nicks”. Waddy Wachtel released a single on Anthem Records - “You’re the One” (which was originally called “Going to Beirut”). Jorge Calderon was signed to Warner Bros. records.

Waddy’s single eventually fell by the wayside due to lack of promotion, but not before it got recognition by being played on American Bandstand, where it received a rating by the audience of 75.

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"Love You Should Save"
by Waddy Wachtel

You told me you was leavin’
I begged you not to go
I really don’t mind your leavin’
But your state of mind worries me so
You know we can’t undo the wrong things we’ve done
And every night they tell you you’re the one.
Well, think about me
Think about yourself.
And think about the love that you should save.

I know you got your worries
I hope you know I’ve got mine
You won’t even let me see you cryin’
You tell me it’s a waste of time
But think about the good things we do
And come on back I’m waitin’ here for you
We’ve all got the same kind of problems
Me and you too
So think about the love that you should save.

You closed the door behind you
You tried to leave me without a sound
I ran in the night lookin’ for you
I found you just layin’ there on the ground
Then you told me go home
You threw me the bone again
And left me
You were laughin’ and smilin’ and havin’ fun
It’s all pretend I know
Just think about me
Think about yourself
And think about the love that you should save.

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