Brett Tuggle

Discography / Credits / Gigs

1970Mitch Ryder - DetroitU. S. TourGuitar
1971Mitch Ryder - Detroit"Detroit With Mitch Ryder” AudioGuitar
1972Mitch Ryder - Detroit"Get Out the Vote: Live at the Hill Auditorium" - April 1, 1972Guitar
1981John Kay and SteppenwolfU.S. and World ToursKeyboards
John Kay and Steppenwolf"Live In London"Keyboards
"Homeroom"TV ShowComposer, Performer
1982John Kay and Steppenwolf"Wolftracks"Background Vocals
1982-85Rick SpringfieldU.S. and World Tours VideosKeyboards
1983Rick Springfield"Living In Oz"Keyboards, Vocals
1984Rick Springfield"Hard To Hold" AudioBackground Vocals
John Kay and Steppenwolf"Paradox"Background Vocals
"The Terminator"Movie AudioCo-composer
4-3-1"Which Way Is Up"Keyboards, Synthesizer
1985-86Tommy ShawU.S. and Japan ToursKeyboards
1986Tommy Shaw"Live In Japan"Keyboards
Belinda CarlisleU. S. Tour - MarchKeyboards, Background Vocals
1986-87Chuck NegronLive gigsKeyboards, Vocals
1986David Lee Roth"Eat 'em and Smile" Tour VideosKeyboards, Vocals
1987Andy Taylor"Thunder" AudioKeyboards
1988David Lee Roth"Skyscraper" Album and Tour VideosKeyboards, Programming, Background Vocals, Co-composer
1989Brian Wilson"Sweet Insanity" (unreleased) AudioPiano, Keyboards
1991David Lee Roth"A Little Ain't Enough" Album and Tour VideosKeyboards, Vocals
Jason Becker"Guitar's Practicing Musicians, Vol. 2" AudioVocals
1992Joe Satriani"The Extremist" AudioOrgan
The Zoo"Shakin' The Cage" VideoKeyboards, Background Vocals
The Zoo / Mick FleetwoodU.S. Tour
1993Coverdale / PageJapan Tour VideosKeyboards
Rick SpringfieldTourKeyboards, Vocals
1994David Lee Roth"Your Filthy Little Mouth" Tour VideosKeyboards, Vocals
19954 Lads From The ValleyLos Angeles gigsKeyboards, Vocals
"District Attorney"Legacy Interactive CD ROM GameComposer
1996Rob Allen"Mysterious Measures"Organ, Piano
Jason Becker"Perspective" AudioVocals
"Bug Explorers"Children's CD-ROMOriginal Music
1997Fleetwood Mac"The Dance" Album and TourGuitar, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Steve Lukather"Luke"Keyboards
Steve LukatherEurope and Japan Tours VideoKeyboards, Vocals
David Lee Roth"The Best"Keyboards, Background Vocals, Co-composer
1998Various Artists (Fleetwood Mac)1998 Grammy NomineesGuitar, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Various Artists (Detroit with Mitch Ryder)"Motor City's Burnin'", Vol. 2Guitar, Background Vocals
Whitesnake"Restless Heart" AudioKeyboards, Background Vocals
Stevie Nicks"Enchanted" TourKeyboards
Stan Bush and Barrage"Heaven" AudioKeyboards, Co-composer
1999Majic Ship"Songwaves Project"Keyboards
Chris Isaak"Speak Of The Devil" Tour Keyboards, Vocals
2000Stevie NicksVH1 Storytellers AudioKeyboards
Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash"Walk Alone"Hammond Organ
2001Gregg Rolie"Roots" AudioBackground Vocals
Stevie Nicks"Trouble In Shangri-La" TourKeyboards, Background Vocals
Stevie NicksLate Night With David LettermanKeyboards
2002Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash"Distance Between"Hammond Organ
2003David Lee Roth"Diamond Dave"Keyboards
2004Fleetwood Mac"Live In Boston" VideoKeyboards, Guitar, Background Vocals
Rocket Ritchotte"Salute"Keyboards
2005Lindsey Buckingham"Soundstage Presents Lindsey Buckingham" VideoGuitar, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Stevie Nicks"Gold Dust", "Two Voices" & "Dreams" Tour 2005-2006Keyboards, Organ, Background Vocals
Stevie NicksThe Today ShowKeyboards, Guitar
2007Stevie Nicks"Crystal Visions: The Very Best of Stevie Nicks"Keyboards
Daniel Glen Timms"LA LA Land"Hammond Organ, Wurlitzer Piano, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Jack Tempchin"Songs"Keyboards, Background Vocals
Lindsey Buckingham"Under The Skin" TourKeyboards, Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Lindsey BuckinghamEllen DeGeneres Show VideoGuitar
2008Lindsey Buckingham"Live At The Bass Performance Hall"Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Lindsey Buckingham"Gift Of Screws" TourKeyboards, Guitar, Bass, Background Vocals
Jason Becker"Collection" (Compilation) AudioVocals, Keyboards
2009Fleetwood Mac"Unleashed" TourKeyboards
2000's & 2010'sWaddy Wachtel BandConcerts in Los Angeles Videos, PhotosVocals, Keyboards, Guitar
2011Lindsey Buckingham"Seeds We Sow" Album and Tour VideoKeyboards, Guitar, Bass, Background Vocals
2012Stevie NicksSummer Tour Videos, PhotosKeyboards, Guitar, Background Vocals
2013Fleetwood Mac2013 TourKeyboards

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