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Reviews and News - September 2008

Review and Photos from September 8, 2008

Review: Waddy Wachtel Band at The Joint 9/15/08

Note from Nina:

It was so great seeing all of you rock 'n' rollers enjoying the Waddy Wachtel Band gig last night 9/15/08 at The Joint. They really burned up the place, didn't they? Oh YEAH!!!!

Although everyone was wondering who the "special guests" might be, the unanimous opinion was that it didn't really matter as long as Waddy Wachtel was there. And was Waddy ever there!! He totally delighted us with quite a few vocals last night and his usual electrifying guitar solos. When he's there with us, we know we're gonna get the best R 'n' R we could wish for...... And he always delivers.

Phil Jones on drums, Rick Rosas on bass (on a break from touring with Neil Young), Jamie Savko on vocals and Jason Sinay on guitar and vocals were exceptionally sizzling. They all showed their incredible talents and had us begging for more, more, more.

Keith Allison is our Southern Rockin' Man, and he wailed through 3 great songs last night - one of them he did originally with Paul Revere and the Raiders.

Blondie Chaplin brought down the house with his vocals on Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come." A fun part of that song is when Blondie sings some notes and Waddy echoes them back on guitar.

Yes, we DID have some very special guests show up last night........
Adam Sandler thrilled everyone by singing Neil Young's "Like A Hurricane" and playing some very tasty riffs on guitar. He brought along Betsy Hammer who sang delightful harmonies on that song with him. After Adam left the stage to loud cheers and applause, he watched the rest of the show with big Rockin' smiles. (More on Adam later in this note.)

We also had a very talented guest drummer, Joe Vitale, and a guest bass player, Kenny Passarelli, playing on "Honky Tonk Women". Joe is best known for his work with Crosby, Stills & Nash, Joe Walsh, Eagles and Ted Nugent. Kenny has played with Joe Walsh, Elton John and Hall and Oates. I think Kenny has been lauded as the first person to play a fretless electric bass. Both Joe and Kenny played their asses off and we loved every bit of it.

Set List:

1st Set:
"Like A Rolling Stone" (Bob Dylan) Waddy Wachtel lead vocals, Blondie Chaplin background vocals
"Eight Miles High" (The Byrds) Waddy and Jamie Savko harmony vocals
"The Rover" (Led Zep) Jamie lead vocals
"Like A Hurricane" (Neil Young) Adam Sandler lead vocals, Betsy Hammer and Waddy background vocals
"Lawyers Guns And Money" (Warren Zevon) Blondie lead vocals
"Poor Poor Pitiful Me" (Warren Zevon) Keith Allison lead vocals
"Pump It Up" (Elvis Costello) Keith lead vocals
"Honky Tonk Woman" (Rolling Stones) Jamie lead vocals, Waddy and Jason background vocals, Joe Vitale drums, Kenny Passarelli bass
"Girl's Got Rhythm" (AC/DC) Jamie lead vocals

2nd Set:
"Rocks Off" (Rolling Stones) Waddy and Jamie vocals
"Shot Down in Flames" (AC/DC) Jamie lead vocals
"Powder Finger" (Neil Young) Jason Sinay lead vocals
"All Down the Line" (Stones) Jamie lead vocals, Waddy and Blondie background vocals
"Change Is Gonna Come" (Sam Cooke) Blondie lead vocals
"Just Like Me" (Paul Revere and the Raiders) Keith lead vocals
"Jumpin' Jack Flash" (Stones) Waddy lead vocals
"Just Like A Woman" (Bob Dylan) Waddy lead vocals
"Sin City" (AC/DC) Jamie lead vocals

Other stuff.........

Waddy sadly told us last night that WWB won't be back at The Joint for our Monday night gigs for several weeks. Boo Hoo!!! He's as sad about it as we are, but he's working on a very exciting project that will be taking up all his time. He's writing the music score for the new movie "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" starring Kevin James ("The King Of Queens"). Adam Sandler is producing the film.

Adam Sandler has known and worked with Waddy for many years. Adam has put out a few albums, which Waddy worked on with him, and they did a short tour together in 1996. For more info on Adam and Waddy's working relationship, with photos and videos, check those page on the Waddy Wachtel web site:
Waddy Wachtel with Adam Sandler

Keep checking back here to find out when WWB will be back at The Joint to rock all of us. I'll let you know as soon as we do.

"Jumpin' Jack Flash"

More Videos from 9/15/08

Click any photo to enlarge........

Waddy Wachtel, Adam Sandler
Waddy Wachtel, Adam Sandler

Waddy Wachtel, Phil Jones, Rick Rosas, Adam Sandler, Betsy Hammer
Waddy Wachtel, Phil Jones, Rick Rosas, Adam Sandler, Betsy Hammer

Waddy Wachtel, Adam Sandler
Waddy Wachtel, Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler, Rick Rosas, Betsy Hammer
Adam Sandler, Rick Rosas, Betsy Hammer

Waddy Wachtel, Phil Jones, Rick Rosas, Adam Sandler, Betsy Hammer
Waddy Wachtel, Phil Jones, Rick Rosas, Adam Sandler, Betsy Hammer

Waddy Wachtel, Joe Vitale, Jamie Savko, Kenny Passarelli, Jason Sinay
Waddy Wachtel, Joe Vitale, Jamie Savko, Kenny Passarelli, Jason Sinay

Waddy Wachtel
Waddy Wachtel

Waddy Wachtel
Waddy Wachtel

Jason Sinay
Jason Sinay

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