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Reviews and News - May 2009

Monday News and Updates 5/18/09

No, the Waddy Wachtel Band won't be appearing at The Joint in Los Angeles tonight May 18, 2009. They won't be back rockin' it up at The Joint until.....

June 1, 2009 - Big Birthday and Anniversary Bash
9th Year Anniversary of WWB Mondays at The Joint - May 15
Waddy Wachtel's B-Day - May24
Phil Jones' B-Day - June 6
The Joint
8771 W. Pico, Los Angeles, CA 90035
Doors open at 9PM

See you there!

Other news:

For those of you on the East Coast........
Bernard Fowler and Friends will be appearing at the Knitting Factory in Manhattan, NYC tomorrow night May 19, 2009. Featuring: Bernard Fowler (vocals, percussion), Waddy Wachtel (guitar), Phil Jones (drums), Al Ortiz (bass) and Tariqh Akoni (guitar). Bernard and Friends will be performing tunes from his recently released album as well as other great Classic Rock and Rolling Stones songs. Call the venue for ticket prices and availability.

Waddy Wachtel has been busy in the studio working on some other performers' projects....... more news on those albums later.

We've all missed our Monday nights at The Joint for the month of May, but we'll be burnin' in June. Lots of catching up to do. Are you ready? Yesssss!!!!!!!

See you soon.
And keep rockin'!!!!!!!

News, Updates and Videos 5/24/09

Note from Nina:

Hi Rockers!

Here’s your weekly fix on what the Waddy Wachtel band members have been up to. Yes, they’ve been rockin’ it up! I know we’ve all missed seeing them at The Joint on Mondays in May, but they will be back next week June 1, 2009............ YAY!

Big news for today:
It’s Waddy Wachtel’s Birthday! I’m sure you all want to tell him how happy you are that he’s been giving us such fantastic music over the years, and that he’s not gonna stop any time soon. Thank you from Waddy for all your notes and well-wishes.

You can join us celebrating Waddy’s birthday next Monday night June 1, as well as celebrating the 9th year the Waddy Wachtel Band rockin’ things up at The Joint on Monday nights. We’ll also be celebrating Phil Jones’ birthday (June 6) and John Philbrick’s birthday (May 27) the same night. Party Time!!!!!!! Hope you can make it. You’re all invited.

The Joint
8771 W. Pico Blvd. (1/2 block east of Robertson)
Los Angeles, CA 90035
Date: June 1, 2009
First set:: 10PM
Doors open: 9PM
Admission: still only $10


Other news:

Rick Rosas will be touring Europe with Neil Young for the month of June. Check his web site for dates and cities:
Rick Rosas web site


Update on this gig I told you about before:
May 19, 2009 Waddy Wachtel, Phil Jones and Al Ortiz joined Bernard Fowler on stage at the Knitting Factory in NYC, delighting the east coasters with some of the tunes from Bernard’s cd “Friends With Privileges” as well as a few Classic Rock songs. Tariqh Akoni joined them as well on guitar, rounding out a great performance by Bernard Fowler and Friends.

Keith Richards showed up to hang with his old friends and enjoy the music. He was all smiles from his perch in the balcony, especially thrilled with the band’s performance of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.”

You can watch videos taken that night by fans of these songs posted on You Tube:

“Jumpin’ Jack Flash” (with shots of Keith giving thumbs up in the balcony)
“Cinnamon Girl” (written by Neil Young)
“Jailbreak” (written by Thin Lizzy)
“Heroes” (written by David Bowie)
“I Go To Pieces” (written by Waddy Wachtel and Troy Newman)
“Get Away” (written by Bernard Fowler and Doug Wimbish)


We all hope you’re having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and apologize for not being at The Joint on May 25.

We’ll see you on June 1. Oh yesssss........ There will be lots of great rock ‘n’ roll! And some surprises.

See you there!!!!!!!!!!!!

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