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Reviews and News - June 2008

June 5, 2008 - WWB Updates

Hey you wonderful rock 'n' rollers-

Sorry I haven't written anything sooner, and I've really missed all of you! I hope you've kept the R 'n' R alive while WWB has been away. Oh yeah, I know you have! You can take the girl out of the Rock, but you can't take the Rock out of the girl.
Always there, huh?

Here are some updates:

Waddy Wachtel is in Biloxi - on stage with Stevie Nicks right now as I'm writing this. Any of you who get to see him on this June tour with Stevie are verrrrry lucky! I hope you enjoy it.

Phil Jones and Rick Rosas played at The Joint last Monday night 6/2, joined by Bernard Fowler and some special guests. I wasn't able to go to the gig, but if any of you did, please let us know how it was? I'll bet it was cool!

Rick Rosas is preparing for a European tour with Neil Young. All you rockers in Europe should be happy to hear that. We'll miss him!

Brett Tuggle is working hard and having fun with Lindsey Buckingham - adding some very delightful notes to LB's new CD which should be out later this year. Lucky Lindsey!

Jamie Savko might appear on stage singing with some local L.A. bands this month. I'll keep you updated. Jamie is always rockin'!

I'll be back soon with more news. I know... It's only Rock 'n' Roll... But I LIKE it! Especially WWB's R 'n' R.

Rockin' love-

June 12, 2008 - WWB Updates

Notes from Nina:

All of us Monday Night Jointers are missing the Waddy Wachtel Band. It's hard to get your Rocks Off without a dose of our favorite band getting our blood pumping and out feet jumping.

So....... This might help a little. Here are some updates of what the guys are up to.

Waddy Wachtel is on tour with Stevie Nicks preparing for their gig in St. Louis tomorrow night 6/13/08. The tour has been going great, Waddy's having a wonderful time, and the audiences have been fantastic. Al Ortiz (WWB's sub-bass player when Rick's out on tour) is also with Stevie on tour. I've added some photos of Waddy and Al with Stevie in Atlanta at the bottom of this note. Big smiles!! Check the NicksFix web site for dates and cities of the remaining gigs.

Rick Rosas will be touring Europe with Neil Young the later part of June and all of July. Check this NeilYoung tour page for dates and cities where you can see Rick.

Brett Tuggle is finishing up recording a new cd with Lindsey Buckingham which will be released later this year, and Brett will be touring with Lindsey in conjunction with the release of the cd.

I don't have any gigs to tell you about for Phil Jones and Jamie Savko, but they're both doing well and waiting for Waddy to get back and Rock with us again at The Joint.

I've been working on the Waddy Wachtel Info web site adding new stuff.

We're all missing you rockers and looking forward to getting back to some really hot Rock 'n' Roll very soon. All the guys in WWB send their rockin' love to each one of you, and as Waddy said at the last gig at The Joint: "You'd better be here when we get back, or we'll know! Love ya, babies."

As soon as I get a confirmed date of when WWB will be back at The Joint I'll let you know. Probably the 2nd Monday in July.

Here are the photos:

June 20, 2008 - Sending a little R íní R your way

Note from Nina:

I wish I was writing to tell you that the Waddy Wachtel Band will be back rockin' all of us at The Joint this Monday, but Waddy is still out on tour with Stevie Nicks. Waddy and Al Ortiz are in New Jersey tonight 6/20 and tomorrow night 6/21..... Lucky folks in New Jersey!!!!

Bad news (for us):
WWB will not be performing at The Joint this Monday 6/23 or next Monday 6/30. But I've got my fingers, legs and toes crossed that they'll be back electrifying The Joint on 7/7 - giving us more fireworks after the 4th. I promise I'll let you know as soon as I do.

Good news:
I've got a couple of things that might help keep you rockin' in the mean time.

Here's a photo taken in Detroit:

What's that you're saying? "I want my WWB! Me tooooo!!!!
I've added a page to the Waddy Wachtel Info web site with some videos of WWB playing at The Joint. If you need some good R 'n' R to boost your spirits, that'll do the trick. Works for me. Here's the link:
Waddy Wachtel Band videos

Keep smilin' and rockin'............ Waddy Wachtel, Phil Jones, Brett Tuggle and Jamie Savko will be back soon. I promise! And hopefully Al Ortiz will agree to fill in Rick Rosas' shoes while he's gone.

Rockin' love........... From me and all the guys!

June 26, 2008 - Updates, News and Gigs

Note from Nina:

Here are a few updates as to the whereabouts and goings-on of the members of the Waddy Wachtel Band:

Phil Jones will be performing this Monday 6/30 at The Joint with friends Bernard Fowler, Jason Sinay, Bob Glaub and Mike Canipe.

Waddy Wachtel is on the last legs of his tour with Stevie Nicks and will be back in town next week - and back at The Joint with all of us very soon.

Rick Rosas is still in Europe touring with Neil Young and should be back some time in late August.

Brett Tuggle has finished his recording sessions with Lindsey Buckingham, but will begin rehearsals with Lindsey in August for their upcoming tour in September and October. Brett will also be touring early next year with Fleetwood Mac.

Jamie Savko's birthday is tomorrow 6/27. Happy Birthday, Jamie!!!!

I've been adding a new "Brett Tuggle" section to the Waddy Wachtel Info web page. You can check it out at:
Brett Tuggle
It includes some great photos, videos and audio.

I'm also really looking forward to having Waddy and all the guys in WWB back at The Joint. We're so patient, aren't we? Well, when there's that much talent packed onto the small Joint stage on a Monday night, what else can we do but wait for them to come back and Rock Our Socks Off! Yeah! Sooooon, babies. I'll be at this computer giving you the news as soon as I hear it. July WILL be rockin'!!!!

Love from WWB and me to all you rockers.......
See ya soon!

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