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Reviews and News - January 10, 2015

Review: Waddy Wachtel Band 1/10/15

Note from Nina:

The Waddy Wachtel Band - "Rocking for Rick" - January 10, 2015

it was an incredible night of exciting electrifying rock 'n' roll at The Joint (presently Black Rose Tavern) in Los Angeles Saturday night 1/10/15!!!! So many great performers and a huge appreciative audience came to honor Rick Rosas - original and long time bassist with WWB - who passed away in November. Everyone said: Thank You Rick for all the years of rockin' with WWB and so many other artists.
And it was sweet to have Bob Rosas (Rick's brother) and members of Rick's family joining us.

It was a cold rainy night here in Los Angeles, but the club was packed! And the performers gave an amazing show!!!! As many people as possible got to see the first set before there was no more room, and others waited outside in the rain to get in for the second set. WWB warmed everyone up!!!!!!

We got so many great songs in one night it was awe inspiring!

Here's a list of all the performers who graced the stage. You can check the set lists below to see which songs they performed on.
Waddy Wachtel
Phil Jones
Bernard Fowler
Brett Tuggle
Jamie Savko
Al Ortiz
Blondie Chaplin
Keith Allison
Ron Dziubla
Mindi Abair
Jack Tempchin
Terry Reid
Johnny Rivers
Jason Sinay
Darryl Jones
Pegi Young
Norm Sancho
Los Lobos

For those of you who want to read my notes on some of the songs...........

Johnny Rivers was first up on the stage with his electric ukulele telling of how long he'd known Rick and singing 2 songs solo without the band. For such a crowded room, everyone was quiet enjoying his emotional renditions.

Time to plug in and ROCK.........

It's hard to find a few words to describe Waddy Wachtel, but the best I can come up with is Magnificent Multitalented Maestro. Give Waddy a guitar and you're sure to hear some of the best music you've ever heard. We're very lucky to have Waddy put these shows together, but it also gives him - and us - the opportunity to Rock It Up together. I can never give Waddy enough praise!

Phil Jones demands your attention when he puts sticks to drums and cymbals. He's the bedrock that builds an exceptionally rockin' foundation for all these shows!

Brett Tuggle can play! Whether making his fingers dance on the keys or on the guitar strings, you know Brett always delivers ..... anything asked for. And the dude can sing!

Al Ortiz has sat in on bass for Rick when he was unavailable for a gig, and we're so glad he flies in from Arizona to thump those strings. Al did a great job, and was a perfect fit for Rick's spot on stage at the show!

Waddy, Phil, Al, Brett and Jamie jumped right into "The Ocean" and we all were happy to jump in with them. Blasting with so much energy and Jamie wailing on lead vocals - YESSSS!!!!

Bring on the horn section. Ron Dziubla and Mindi Abair blew those saxophones in perfect accompaniment to "Bitch" with Jamie again thrilling all with his vocals.

Next up was Bernard Fowler singing lead vocals on "Blue Jean" and "Jail Break" (the Thin Lizzy song) like only Bernard can deliver - so amazingly talented Bernard is.

WWB left the stage to make room for...... Los Lobos. Three of the band members showed up to delight all with 3 songs. Rockin'!

WWB returns to kick it up another notch......
Blondie Chaplin was happy to give us his exceptional vocals on "Lawyers Guns and Money." Always fantastic!

Jack Tempchin picked up his guitar and took center stage. This is when it started feeling like a WWB reunion. As Waddy said, Jack was responsible for getting these shows going in the first place 15 years ago. They were called Big Mondays and the band played every Monday night. Waddy said the first couple of shows were down the street at The Mint, but they soon realized they were too ROCKIN' for that venue and moved to The Joint. Great shows they all were! It was so nice to see Jack and hear him sing again.

Pegi Young added delightful harmony vocals to the songs with Jack, and was back on stage to sing more harmony vocals throughout the night. It was so nice to have here there. Rick and Phil played with her band Survivors for many years.

A reunion wouldn't be complete without ...... Terry Reid! Terry sang with the band for many years, but hasn't been with them for a long while. He came to town specifically for this show, and all the regulars from way back were thrilled to have him there! So were the folks who hadn't seen him before. Amazing!

Our Southern Man - Keith Allison is always ready to rock, and you can't help it but to smile and rock with him! A very talented man who also sang with the band since the onset.

The first set ended with another rockin' tune "Won't Get Fooled Again." Waddy made those guitar strings his slave and electrified everyone with the sounds he blasted through his amps. Brett was in total control of his keyboard as he played that part - seemingly effortless. Phil brought the drums in pounding after the keyboard solo, and Al kept the rockin' rumble on cue. Jamie hit high notes that give you goosebumps. A perfect ending for a perfect set.

The first set was so deliciously long that I was a little worried the band might just do the one long set. :-( But........ This is WWB! They came back with many more songs for us in a second set! :-)

After Brett wailed through vocals and Waddy was blistering fast on his guitar solo on "I Am the Walrus" Jason Sinay sang 2 Neil Young songs with Pegi Young on harmony vocals. Jason has sat in with WWB many times, and it's always fun to watch and hear him and Waddy sharing guitar solos. So nice having him there!

At some point, but I don't remember exactly when, one of Waddy's amps started smoking! Everyone clapped - Waddy burned it up! It got fixed, and we were back on track.

The reunion night wouldn't have been complete without Terry doing one of everyone's favorite songs from the early band days - "Waterloo Sunset." Yes, Terry twirled the mic stand and put everything he's got into it. Ahhhh!

Then we got another "Jail Break." This was the AC/DC one. Two "Jail Break"s in one night..... excellent! Jamie and Waddy nailed it!

Bernard gave tribute to the many performers we lost last year. Including Rick Rosas, Bobby Keyes, Ian McLagan and Joe Cocker. Then he said the next song was for them - "Heroes." Nice tribute, and we all got a bit teary eyed.

Keith then pumped it up by reminding us we must keep the Rockin' going with "C'mon Everybody." Waddy knew we needed a song like that at that point. Okay....... we definitely will Keep Rockin'!

Al turned his bass over to Darryl Jones for the next song "Live With Me." Of course, Darryl was amazing! I'm glad Waddy got to sing lead vocals on that song - he does it so well! And Ron Dziubla did a great job on sax - in a beautiful tribute to Bobby Keyes.

Waddy gave praise to his friend Ian Mclagan as the band rocked into "Itchycoo Park." Ian performed that song with Small Faces, and it was a sweet remembrance of Ian's talent.

How do we end such a wonderful night? Hey, everyone get back on stage to join Bernard singing "Rockin' In The Free World." Okay! The stage was filled with Waddy, Phil, Al, Brett, Bernard and joined on harmony vocals by Jamie, Blondie, Pegi, Mindi, Keith and Jack. Our hearts were filled with the reminder to.....
Keep Rockin'!!!!!!!

Set List:

First Set:
1. Solo (no band) "I'll See You in My Dreams" (Isham Jones and Gus Kahn) Johnny Rivers vocals and ukulele
2. Solo (no band) "One Love" (Bob Marley) Johnny Rivers vocals and ukulele; Norm Sancho harmony vocals
--Waddy Wachtel Band:
Waddy Wachtel - Lead Guitar
Phil Jones - Drums
Al Ortiz - Bass
3. "The Ocean" (Led Zeppelin) Jamie Savko lead vocals; Waddy Wachtel harmony vocals; Brett Tuggle guitar and harmony vocals
4. "Bitch" (Rolling Stones) Jamie lead vocals; Waddy harmony vocals; Brett guitar; Ron Dziubla saxophone; Mindi Abair saxophone
5. "Blue Jean" (David Bowie) Bernard Fowler lead vocals; Waddy harmony vocals; Jamie harmony vocals; Brett keyboards and harmony vocals; Ron saxophone; Mindi saxophone
6. "Jail Break" (Thin Lizzy) Bernard lead vocals; Waddy harmony vocals; Jamie harmony vocals; Brett guitar and harmony vocals
--Los Lobos songs (no WWB):
7. "Will the Wolf Survive" (Waylon Jennings) Los Lobos: David Hidalgo guitar and vocals; Conrad Lozano bass and vocals; Enrique "Bugs" Gonzalez drums
8. "Don't Keep Me Wondering" (Gregg Allman) Los Lobos
9. "Cinnamon Girl" (Neil Young) Los Lobos
--Waddy Wachtel Band:
10. "Lawyers Guns and Money" (Warren Zevon) Blondie Chaplin lead vocals; Brett guitar
11. "Peaceful Easy Feeling" (Jack Tempchin) Jack Tempchin lead vocals and guitar; Waddy harmony vocals; Pegi Young harmony vocals; Brett keyboards
12. "East of Eden" (Jack Tempchin) Jack Tempchin lead vocals and guitar; Brett keyboards
13. "Rag Doll" (Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio) Terry Reid lead vocals; Waddy harmony vocals; Bernard harmony vocals; Brett keyboards
14. "My Girl" (Smokey Robinson and Ronald White) Terry lead vocals; Waddy harmony vocals; Bernard harmony vocals; Brett keyboards; Ron saxophone; Mindi saxophone
15. "The Shape I'm In” (The Band) Keith Allison lead vocals and guitar; Waddy harmony vocals; Jamie harmony vocals; Brett keyboards; Ron saxophone; Mindi saxophone
16. "Sail On Sailor" (The Beach Boys) Blondie lead vocals and guitar; Waddy harmony vocals; Bernard harmony vocals; Brett keyboards
17. "Won’t Get Fooled Again" (The Who) Jamie lead vocals; Brett keyboards and harmony vocals

Second Set:

Waddy Wachtel Band on all songs:
Waddy Wachtel - Lead Guitar
Phil Jones - Drums
Al Ortiz - Bass (except for "Live With Me")
1. "I Am The Walrus" (The Beatles) Brett lead vocals and keyboards
2. "Like A Hurricane" (Neil Young) Jason Sinay lead vocals and guitar; Waddy harmony vocals; Pegi harmony vocals
3. "Powderfinger" (Neil Young) Jason lead vocals and guitar; Waddy harmony vocals; Pegi harmony vocals; Brett keyboards
4. "Already Gone" (Jack Tempchin and Robb Strandlund) Jack Tempchin lead vocals and guitar; Waddy harmony vocals; Jamie harmony vocals; Brett guitar and harmony vocals; Al Ortiz bass and harmony vocals
5. "Waterloo Sunset" (Ray Davies) Terry lead vocals; Brett keyboards
6. "Jailbreak" (AC/DC) Jamie lead vocals; Waddy harmony vocals; Brett guitar
7. “Heroes" (David Bowie) Bernard lead vocals; Brett keyboards; Ron saxophone
8. "C'Mon Everybody" (Eddie Cochran) Keith lead vocals and guitar; Brett keyboards; Mindi saxophone
9. “Live With Me” (The Rolling Stones) Waddy lead vocals; Jamie harmony vocals; Brett keyboards; Ron saxophone; Darryl Jones bass
10. "Down Payment Blues" (AC/DC) Bernard lead vocals; Blondie harmony vocals; Ron guitar
11. “Itchycoo Park” (Small Faces) Jamie lead vocals; Waddy harmony vocals; Brett keyboards and harmony vocals
12. "Rockin' In the Free World" (Neil Young) Bernard lead vocals; Brett keyboards; Waddy, Jamie, Blondie, Pegi, Mindi, Keith and Jack harmony vocals

Thank you to those who came to make this such a wonderful night with WWB. We sent Rick off in the fashion he deserved - All Rocking For Rick!

And big thanks to those behind the scenes who help make these shows possible:
John Philbrick for being so on top of keeping the guitars and amps in tip top shape.
Norm Sancho for stepping in to assist with equipment whenever needed since 2000.
Mark Nathanson for making the sound zing.
Charlie McIntosh for welcoming everyone with a big smile, and his lovely assistant Anna Whalen.
Brian for his help as drum tech.
Patrick Shepard for helping getting the performers parking.
Ondrea and Fernando for providing such a beautiful venue.
All the barmaids, crew and security guys at The Joint for their smiles and hospitality.

I'll let you know when the next WWB show is going to be.
Keep rockin'!


"Down Payment Blues"

"Live With Me"

"Rockin' In the Free World"

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