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  The Everly Brothers
Stories We Could Tell
Album and 1971 - 1972 Tour

Stories We Could Tell 1972
Label: RCA

1. All We Really Want to Do (B. Bramlett, D. Bramlett)
2. Breakdown (K. Kristofferson)
3. Green River (D. Everly, P. Everly)
4. Mandolin Wind (R. Stewart)
5. Up in Mabel's Room (P. Everly, T. Slater)
6. Del Rio Dan (D. Lubahn, H. Beckwith)
7. Ridin' High (D. Linde)
8. Christmas Eve Can Kill You (D. Linde)
9. Three-Armed Poker Playin' River Rat (D. Linde)
10.I'm Tired of Singing My Song in Las Vegas (D. Everly)
11.The Brand New Tennessee Waltz (J. Winchester)
12.Stories We Could Tell (J. Sebastian)

John Barbata - Drums
Barry Beckett - Keyboards
George Bohannon - Brass
Bonnie Bramlett - Vocals
Delaney Bramlett - Guitar, Vocals
Ry Cooder - Slide Guitar
David Crosby - Vocals
Buddy Emmons - Slide Guitar
Chris Ethridge - Bass
Don Everly - Guitar, Vocals
Phil Everly - Guitar, Vocals
Michael Fontara - Keyboards
Jim Gordon Drums
Jimmie Haskell - String Arrangements
Thomas "Snake" Johnson - Brass
Jeff Kent - Guitar, Vocals
Russ Kunkel - Drums
Dennis Linde - Guitar, Keyboards
Doug Lubahn - Vocals
Jerry McGee - Slide Guitar
Geoff Muldaur - Guitar
Graham Nash Vocals
Spooner Oldham - Keyboards
Wayne Perkins - Guitar
John Sebastian - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Waddy Wachtel Guitar
Danny Weis - Guitar
Clarence White - Guitar
Warren Zevon - Keyboards

Paul Rothchild - Producer
John Fritz - Engineer

Video; "The Life and Times of The Everly Brothers" with comments by Waddy Wachtel, Warren Zevon, Peter Asher and others.

Everly Brothers Tour 1971 - 1972

Band Members:
Don Everly - Guitar, Vocals
Phil Everly - Guitar, Vocals
Warren Zevon - Piano, Musical Director
Waddy Wachtel - Guitar
Bob Knigge - Bass
Gene Gunnels - Drums

In 1971 Waddy auditioned for the Everly Brothers upcoming tour. That's when he first met Warren Zevon, who was the Everly's musical director. He got the job and toured with them in 1971 and into 1972. This was Waddy's first tour. Waddy and Warren were also asked to play on the Stories We Could Tell album, and did those sessions between tour gigs.

1971 Tour (partial dates)
9/3 Knotts Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA
9/10? Stadsschouwburg, Eindhoven, Holland
9/10? Ahoy 24 Hour Pop Festival, Rotterdam, Holland
9/11 Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Holland
9/12-25 Batley Variety Club, Batley, England
9/27 Barbarella's, Birmingham, England
10/12 Royal Albert Hall, London, England
10/?? Unknown German Dates and Venues
11/26 - 12/4 Plantation Supper Club, Greensboro, NC
12/6-11 Saints and Sinners Night club, Mayfield Heights, OH
12/14-19 The Attic, Milwaukee, WI

1972 Tour (partial dates)
1/21-30 The Losers Club, Dallas, TX
1/31 - 2/5 The Cellar Door, Washington DC
2/7 Lennys Village, Boston, MA
2/28 - 3/11 Hook & Ladder Club, Toronto, ON
3/13-18 Aspen Inn, Aspen, CO
3/22 Mr. Lucky's, Phoenix, AZ
3/24 Knotts Berry Farm, Buena Park, CA
4/13-15 Palomino Club, North Hollywood, CA
4/21 Montana State College Student Union, Bozeman, MT
4/22 Pius X Grade School, Wauwatosa, WI
4/24-29 Ramada Inn, Fenton, MO
5/7 Trinity College, Hartford, CT
5/8 Philharmonic Hall, New York, NY
5/9 Creekfield Inn, Mechanicsburg, PA
5/10 Genesce Community College Forum, Batavia, NY
5/14-16 Bachelors lll Night Club, Fort Lauderdale, FL
5/22-27 Bachelors lll Night Club, Atlanta, GA
5/29 - 6/4 Unknown City and Venue, Canada
6/17 Masonic Hall, San Francisco, CA
6/20 Unknown Venue, Redding, CA
6/24 Orange County Fairgrounds, Los Angeles, CA
7/7 Palomino Club, North Hollywood CA
8/2 Opera House, Ottawa, ON
8/3-6 Garden of Stars, Montreal, QB
8/7-8 Unknown Venue, Boston, MA
8/9 Mohawk Club, Shirley, MA
8/10 Starlite Lounge, Peabody, MA

(If anyone has more info on the tour dates and venues, please let me know.)

While on tour, The Everly Brothers and their band appeared on The David Frost Show on May 16, 1972.

Session pro Waddy Wachtel, whod been asked to join the Everlys touring band by then-bandleader Warren Zevon, remembers a slightly more upbeat ending to the Everlys first era. 'When I took the job,' he recalls, 'the guitar incident had already happened and people were telling me, "Look, dont try to get them together, because they hate each other. Just dont try to mix them up." Within a week, we had the both of them up in our hotel room every night after the show, singing and playing. Im sitting there, and its the Everly Brothers in my room, and its the most incredible sound youve ever heard in your life. Thats when Donald showed me the open-G intro to "Bye Bye Love." Ill never forget that. It was like somebody slapped me in the face with a wet towel. On stage wed been doing the songs all slick and wrong, and I hated it. So I asked him if hed let me teach the band the right way to play the songs, and he agreed. And thats how the tour ended.'
- Rock Foundations: The Everly Brothers by Dave Simons (Acoustic Guitar magazine, August 2000, No. 92)


MUSICIAN [Magazine]: What sort of gigs did you play with the Everly Brothers?
[Warren] ZEVON: Well, that was what was real strange. They played a sold-out gig in Albert Hall, and it'd be just like A Hard Day's Night. They'd send us out one exit to be trampled, so they could get out to their limo through another exit. And then a week later we'd be in an oyster bar in North Carolina playing to three people. And the best thing that I learned from them, and always admired them for, was that they always sang the same, which was as well as they could, which was incredibly good. We had chills all the time; I'm sure Waddy would tell you the same thing. We were real proud to play those songs every night. Because they're great oldies, and they sang them as well as they could. That was real impressive. They didn't get along with each other, and that was real understandable. And I stopped feeling bad about not having made it before I was twenty, from seeing that you didn't really have anywhere to go. The saddest part is that individually they still sing better than anyone else, except maybe dead Elvis- they really do, each individually- but I don't know, their name is Everly Brothers. People are used to the cake with the frosting, and they're reluctant to give an ear to half the recipe. The other great but sad part is that they're the kind of guys who would do the set and then go back to their rooms and play their guitars all night. ...
MUSICIAN: Even before thinking of yourself as a songwriter?
ZEVON: I thought of myself as a composer first. But, yeah, I've always been coming up with kind of circuitous arguments about being a songwriter. "No, I'm not a songwriter, I'm a composer who occasionally writes lyrics and sets his liner notes to music- which is all bullshit too, I realized. And I realize now that I really am a front man, and that Waddy is a much better bandleader. And that kind of happened from the first time Waddy and I worked together in the Everly Brothers. I was the bandleader, but when the four of us started working together it was evident that Waddy was so gifted at it that, hell, they didn't need a piano player. ...
-Musician Magazine - circa 1982 - Warren Zevon Interview

Portions of the article at the Waddy Wachtel web site

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Photos from the 4/22/72 show at Pius X Grade School, Milwaukee, WI (Photos by Rich Zimmermann)


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These songs from Stories We Could Tell 1973:

95. Stories We Could Tell (J. Sebastian)
96. Green River (D. Everly, P. Everly)

Also appear on:
Heartaches and Harmonies [Box Set] 1994
Label: Rhino

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