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  Buckingham Nicks

Buckingham Nicks 1973
Label: Polydor

1. Crying in the Night (S. Nicks)
2. Stephanie (L. Buckingham)
3. Without A Leg To Stand On (L. Buckingham)
4. Crystal (S. Nicks)
5. Long Distance Winner (S. Nicks)
6. Don't Let Me Down Again (L. Buckingham)
7. Django (J. Lewis)
8. Races Are Run (S. Nicks)
9. Lola [My Love] (L. Buckingham)
10. Frozen Love (S. Nicks, L. Buckingham)

Lindsey Buckingham - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Percussion
Jorge Calderon - Percussion
Richard Hallagan - Strings Arrangements
Gary Hodges - Drums, Percussion
Jim Keltner – Drums
Stevi(e) Nicks – Vocals
Peggy Sandvic - Keyboards
Jerry Scheff - Bass
Monty Stark - Synthesizer
Mark Tulin - Bass
Ronnie Tutt - Drums
Waddy (Wachtel) - Guitar (6, 9)

Keith Olsen – Producer, Engineer
Lee Lasseff – Executive Producer
Richard Dashut – Assistant Engineer
Jimmy Wachtel – Photography, Album design
Lorrie Sullivan - Photography

"Don't Let Me Down Again"

“Lola (My Love)”

Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, Waddy Wachtel, Jorge Calderon at The Troubadour 1972 (Photos by Willie Gibson)

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"Crying in the Night" was also released as a single in 1973 with the additional overdub of Waddy Wachtel's electric guitar.

From a Waddy Wachtel interview:

Waddy: "So Keith [Olsen] and I started working together. This was in like ‘68, ‘69 probably. And that’s - from then on that’s when things started happening. That’s where Keith one day came and said, 'I’m bringing this couple down from North California, named Stevie and Lindsey. And I want you to play on their record.' I played on the Buckingham Nicks record. The three of us became very tight, tight friends. We were always together. And then I got my record deal, and they got theirs. And we all got mutually screwed at the same time."
"...And then we had another friend. George, or Jorge, Calderon and he played bass with us. So we started playing gigs around town. The four of us. You know when I met Stevie, and I heard her sing I was already very much into Dolly Parton at that point - which was wild, because I never heard a note of country music when I lived in New York. But when I moved here, I was like, 'Wow, what’s this stuff? Country music? Wild.' And so I gave her [Stevie] a Dolly Parton album. And I said, 'You’ve got to learn this girl’s work. You’ve gotta get a load of this chick!' And she couldn’t believe it. And so we started gigging around town, doing Dolly Parton tunes, and other country songs, and couple of originals, and Lindsey and I would play guitar great together. So we just knocked around like that."

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