Keith Allison
  Paul Revere and the Raiders

Hard N Heavy (With Marshmallow) 1969
Label: Columbia

1. Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon (M. Lindsay)
2. Money Can't Buy Me (M. Lindsay)
3. Time After Time (K. Allison, M. Lindsay)
4. Ride on My Shoulder (M. Lindsay)
5. Without You (K. Allison, M. Lindsay)
6. Trishalana (M. Lindsay)
7. Out on the Road (K. Allison, M. Lindsay)
8. Hard and Heavy 5-String Soul Banjo (F. Weller)
9. Where You Goin' Girl (F. Weller)
10. Cinderella Sunshine (M. Lindsay)
11. Call on Me (J. Correro, M. Lindsay)

Keith Allison - Acoustic, Electric and 12 String Guitar, Piano, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals, Vox Organ
Joe Correro - Drums, Maracas, Tambourine, Triangle, Vocals, Background Vocals, Whistle (Instrument), Cowbell, African Drums
Mark Lindsay - Trumpet, Arranger, Clavichord, Harpsichord, Keyboards, Alto, Baritone and Tenor Saxophone, Vocals, Tack Piano
Paul Revere - Hammond Organ, Electric Piano, Celeste, Background Vocals, Vox Organ, Tack Piano
Freddy Weller - Acoustic, Electric, 12 String and Bottleneck Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Bob Irwin - Mastering
Mark Lindsay - Producer
Terry Melcher - Arranger, Producer

"Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon"

"Time After Time"

"Out On The Road"

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Alias Pink Puzz 1969
Label: Columbia

1. Let Me! (M. Lindsay)
2. Thank You (M. Lindsay)
3. Frankfort Side Street (M. Lindsay)
4. Hay Babro
5. Louisiana Redbone (K. Allison, M. Lindsay)
6. Here Comes the Pain (K. Allison, M. Lindsay)
7. The Original Handy Man (M. Lindsay)
8. I Need You (K. Allison, M. Lindsay)
9. Down in Amsterdam (K. Allison, M. Lindsay)
10. I Don't Know (M. Lindsay)
11. Freeborn Man (K. Allison, M. Lindsay)

Re-issued 2000 on Sundazed Music with Bonus Tracks:
12. Let Me! [Single Version] (M. Lindsay)
13. Too Much Talk [previously unreleased demo] (M. Lindsay)
14. Get Out of My Mind [previously unreleased demo] (M. Lindsay)
15. I Don't Know [previously unreleased demo] (M. Lindsay)

Keith Allison - Bass, Background Vocals
Joe Correro - Drums
Mike Holliday - Bass
Drake Levin - Guitar, Background Vocals
Mark Lindsay - Arranger, Saxophone, Vocals
Paul Revere - Keyboards, Leader, Background Vocals
Mixmaster Michael Smith - Drums
Freddy Weller - Guitar, Background Vocals
Robert White - Guitar

David Diller - Engineer
Terry Dunavan - Engineer
EROC - Remastering, Restoration
Mark Lindsay - Producer
Chris Welch - Liner Notes
Virginia Team - Design

Audio of tunes from "Alias Pink Puzz"

Powder Blue Mercedes Queen b/w Golden Girls Sometimes 1972
Label: CBS

A: Powder Blue Mercedes Queen (M. Lindsay)
B: Golden Girls Sometimes (K. Allison)

Keith Allison - Producer (B)
John DAndrea - Arranger
Mark Lindsay - Producer (A)

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