Keith Allison
  The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia 1981

Kristy McNichol - Amanda
Dennis Quaid - Travis
Mark Hamill - Conrad
Don Stroud - Seth
Arlen Dean Snyder - Andy
Sunny Johnson - Melody
J. Don Ferguson - Hawkins
Keith Allison - Musician at Andy's
Terry Beaver - Sheriff
Jerry Campbell - Cole
Barry Corbin - Wimbish
Bill Gribble - Bully #2
Anne Haney - Waitress
Kirk Johnson - Musician at Andy's
Danny Nelson - Fan #1
Ralph Pace - Judge
Jerry Rushing - L.C.
Lonnie Smith - Boy
William Phillips - Texan
Royce Clark - Luther
Lit Connah - Elderly Woman #1
John Edson - Customer at Andy's
Elaine Falone - Verna
Charles Franzen - Bus Driver
Joan Riordan - Barmaid
Fred Covington - Man in Jail

Ronald F. Maxwell - Director
Bill Blake - Producer
Bob Bonney - Writer
Keith Allison - Original Music
Bobbie Gentry - Original Music
Mark Lindsay - Original Music
David Shire - Original Music

Music used in the film:
1. "I Need You Strong for Me" and "It's So Easy" (performed by Billy Preston & Syreeta), by David Shire and Carol Connors.
2. "Baby Bye Bye" by Keith Allison, performed by Kristy McNichol.
3. "Amanda" and "If You Don't Know by Now" by Dennis Quaid.
4. "Freedom Man" by Keith Allison.
5. "You Make It Sound So Easy" by Roger Cook & Charles Cochrane, performed by Dennis Quaid.
6. "Life Is Like a Mountain Railway (traditional), additional lyrics by Dennis Quaid.
7. "Hangin' Up the Gun" by Keith Allison & Kathy Wakefield, performed by Kristy McNichol and Dennis Quaid.
8. "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" by Bobby Russell.
9. "Rodeo Girl" by Joe Rainey and Tanya Tucker, performed by Tanya Tucker.
10. "I Love My Truck" by Joe Rainey, performed by Glen Campbell.
11. "A Little Gettin' Used To" by Sue Richards and Jerry Taylor, performed by George Jones.
12. "Imaginary Arms" by Sue Richards and Jerry Taylor, performed by Tammy Wynette.

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