Keith Allison
  Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart

“Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart” 1976
Label: Capitol

1. Right Now (T. Boyce, B. Hart)
2. I Love You [And I'm Glad That I Said It] (T. Boyce, B. Hart)
3. You and I (M. Dolenz, D. Jones)
4. Teenager in Love (D. Pomus, M. Shuman)
5. Sail on Sailor (D. Trevor)
6. It Always Hurts More in the Morning (T. Boyce, M. Dolenz)
7. Moonfire (W. Martin)
8. You Didn't Feel That Way Last Night [Don't You Remember] (T. Boyce, B. Hart)
9. Along Came Jones (J. Leiber, M. Stoller)
10. Savin' My Love for You (M. Dolenz, D. Jones)
11. I Remember the Feeling (T. Boyce, B. Hart)
12. Sweet Heart Attack (T. Boyce, B. Hart)

Keith Allison - Bass
Tommy Boyce - Guitar
Joey Carbone - Keyboards
Daniel Catherine - Effects
Henry Diltz - Banjo
Micky Dolenz - Guitar, Percussion, Drums, Keyboards, Vocals
Chip Douglas - Guitar
Skip Edwards - Keyboards
Cyrus Faryar - Guitar
Bobby Hart - Keyboards
Jimmie Haskell - String Arrangements
Jim Helmer - Drums
Davy Jones - Vocals
Neil Norman - Guitar, Moog Synthesizer
Emil Richards - Percussion
Louie Shelton - Guitar
Jeffrey Staton - Guitar
Michael Staton - Guitar
Jerry Summers - Drums
Jerry Yester - Guitar

Tommy Boyce - Producer
Bobby Hart - Producer
David Hassinger - Engineer
Ron Hicklin - Vocal Director
Sergio Reyes - Engineer
Larry Michael White - Photography

“Concert In Japan”
Live recording from a tour in Japan on July 20, 1976
Released in 1996
Label: Varese Sarabande

1. Last Train to Clarksville (T. Boyce, B. Hart)
2. Valleri/Daydream Believer/A Little Bit Me, a Little Bit You (T. Boyce, N. Diamond, B. Hart, J. Stewart)
3. I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight (T. Boyce, B. Hart)
4. [I'm Not Your] Steppin' Stone (T. Boyce, B. Hart)
5. I Wanna Be Free (T. Boyce, B. Hart)
6. Savin' My Love for You (M. Dolenz, D. Jones)
7. Pleasant Valley Sunday (G. Goffin, C. King)
8. I Remember the Feeling (T. Boyce, B. Hart)
9. A Teenager in Love (D. Pomus, M. Shuman)
10. Cuddly Toy (H. Nilsson)
11. Medley: Come a Little Bit Closer/Pretty Little Angel Eyes/Hurt So Bad [medley] (T. Boyce, W. Farrell, B. Hart, C. Lee, T. Randazzo, S. Venet, B. Weinstein)
12. I Love You [And I'm Glad That I Said It] (T. Boyce, B. Hart)
13. Action (T. Boyce, S. Venet)

Keith Allison - Guitar, Vocals
Tommy Boyce - Guitar, Vocals
Micky Dolenz - Guitar, Vocals
Bobby Hart - Vocals
Steve Johnson - Keyboards
Davy Jones - Vocals
Jerry Summers - Drums

Tommy Boyce - Producer
Micky Dolenz - Producer
Bobby Hart - Producer, Photography
Dan Hersch - Digital Remastering
Bill Inglot - Producer
Davy Jones - Producer
Cary E. Mansfield - Reissue Producer
John Palladino - Executive Producer
Andrew Sandoval - Liner Notes, Photography
Lisa Sutton - Art Direction


It's well known that Tommy would later re-team with Bobby in the newly re-formed Monkees revival, "Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart". What is NOT well known is that the group had its origin while going on a special trip to entertain at Vietnamese internment camps in the early seventies. According to long-time friend and fellow musician Keith Allison, they went down there with people like Susan Sarandon, Beau Bridges, and others. Later, DJB&H would meet to discuss taking the act out on the road, and "Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart" was born. They recorded two albums for Capital Records in 1976 and embarked on a highly successful world tour to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Monkees.


Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart (DJBH) was the brainchild of Christian DeWalden, a publisher/producer and friend of Bobby Hart. After the failed attempt to reunite the Monkees, Dolenz and Jones subsequently agreed to tour alongside Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart. Boyce and Hart were responsible for writing and producing some of the Monkees' greatest hits. The foursome toured as The Great Golden Hits of the Monkees - The Guys Who Wrote 'Em and the Guys Who Sang 'Em. Their concert combined Monkees classics, new material and Boyce and Hart hits. The band appeared on "American Bandstand," "The Mike Douglas Show," "Dinah!" and "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert" to promote their activities.

The group made its first public appearance on July 4, 1975 at Six Flags Over Mid-America in St. Louis, Missouri, where they were met by a crowd of 12,500. Onstage, Micky would occasionally play acoustic guitar while Davy played the tambourine on a few songs. Boyce and Hart would also play guitar throughout the show. The backing band included Keith Allison (guitar and backing vocals), Rick Tierny (bass), Steve Johnson (keyboards) and Jerry Summers (drums). Keith Allison was a friend of Michael Nesmith's in the early 1960s and worked with Boyce and Hart on their albums. Allison was also featured as a session musician on several Monkees recordings.

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